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Why Roaches Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Dubia Roaches: The Next Big Thing In The Pet Industry Some people like to breed cats, some prefer dogs, and there are a few who prefer to start a Blaptica dubia colony. There are several types of dubia out there and you need to pick one that you want to colonize. Brown colored skin with light orange spots on them is the most common physical description of the Guyana orange spotted roaches or more commonly known as the Blaptica dubia. Then you see a Blaptica dubia about an inch and a half in size then it must be and adult and these species are capable of reaching two inches and living up to twelve months. There isn’t much of a difference between the male and female wings other than the fact that females only have stubs for wings, but both sexes cannot fly. The Blaptica dubia are also know to be slow movers so they would make good pets given that you do not have to worry about catching them when they escape from their containers. Another reason why the Blaptica dubia would make a good pet is that the do not create burrows like other roaches and they cannot climb up smooth surfaces. This article does not only discuss the details of the Blaptica dubia species, but will also tackle on how you can breed them into a colony at home. Dog food, grains, fish flakes, and baby cereal are a few of the things you can add on the diet of the Blaptica dubia which is mainly composed of fruits and vegetables. Some people may think this is too much work or too much money spent on the roaches so you can always opt for alternatives hat are cheaper and easier to do and you can find them online. Molds on the food of your Blaptica dubia should be removed or better yet, get a new bowl of clean food. Anything that has molds on it will harm the health of your colony. Also keep in mind that these are living creatures and they would need water to survive. Crystal water or ice is used to provide water to the colony rather than the liquid state of water because there will be less mess. Just like taking care of any other pet, the water you provide must be place in a water container that is accessible to the roaches any time they want it and also so that they still have a place to move. The environment of the roaches is just as important as the diet they are on for survival. Take a container that has smooth walls around the insides because this will give you peace of mind knowing that this species of roaches are incapable of climbing out.Looking On The Bright Side of Services

Looking On The Bright Side of Services