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The Personalities of a French Bulldog One of the most favourite of all pets are the dogs. Dogs are known to be best friends of a man. You can select from different types of dogs. From the smallest to the biggest, from white to black, from the tamest to the most aggressive ones, you choose. Bulldogs belongs to a group of most common breeds of dogs. Unlike the common dogs that are cute and adorable, the bulldogs have uniquely weird look on their faces. Their poker faces is like saying they do not care but their looks are just one of the many interesting characteristics they have. The French bulldog is one of the many types of bulldogs. Originating from England, the French bulldog is a tiny kind of a bulldog. Weighing 16 to 28 pounds and with a height of only 11 inches to 1 foot, the French bulldog is small. The French bulldog can live up to 11 to 14 years.
Why People Think Animals Are A Good Idea
Choosing a pet dog needs you to weigh their good and not so good characteristics. The following are the good qualities of a French bulldog.
Why People Think Animals Are A Good Idea
The French bulldog is a good breed to train because it is smart and may respond well to the training. You may be able to teach the French bulldog with tricks and duties it can assume such as security ones. Because of its territorial characteristics, the French bulldog can assume the role of a very reliable watchdog. Aside from this, the French bulldog is also sweet since it mostly spends its time with its owner. If you love a companion, a French bulldog is a perfect choice of pet. You will also feel happy just by looking at the funny looks the French bulldog makes with its face. Next is if you do not like large-sized dogs but at the same time you want to have dogs that strangers will hesitate to do bad with, the French bulldog will fit your criteria. The size of the French bulldog remains until it is old, yet the face can drive away bad strangers. The French bulldog also do not necessitate daily exercise aside from walking. You just need to brush its fur at an occasional basis which makes its grooming convenient. The French bulldog does not excessively bark making it a good pet in an apartment. Here also some of the downsides you would want to consider with a French bulldog. A French bulldog is known for its snoring. Wheezing and snorting. The French bulldog also farts more often. The French bulldog unlike other types of dogs, is slow and stubborn at times. Due to its facial deformity, it also has high health risks. This facial deformity has a tendency to obstruct its airways. Nevertheless, like what was mentioned, the balance between the pros and cons should be considered when selecting a pet.