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Fish Tank Maintenance and Setup for Beginners Fish tanks make for a wonderful hobby. However, they do require a significant amount of maintenance and care. Here is a primer on aquarium maintenance and care. Before placing all of the ornaments, gravel, and rocks into the tank, you need to ensure that you’ve washed them off, not to mention the tank should also have a good cleaning. Not cleaning the tank and its accessories before first use can cause the fish to die. Since you are going to have to cycle your aquarium during the first stages of ownership, selecting the hardiest fish is very important. Before buying any fish, you should make sure that the fish are healthy, alert, and active. Unhealthy fish can be spotted due to odd behavior, like low activity or hyperactivity, and should not be purchased as they will likely not live too long in their new environment.
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Cycling the tank is the first step in owning an aquarium. Cycling the tank should be done with only the hardiest fish. Cycling the aquarium is crucial to the proper development of bacteria levels. Also, purchasing a fresh water testing kit is essential since it allows you to monitor the development of bacteria and ensure that the chemical levels in the tank are adequate. Cycling the tank allows the bacteria that decompose ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite to get to the right levels so you have a happy, healthy aquarium. You can also cycle the aquarium without fish by adding ammonia, but the entire process should last between two to eight weeks.
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When setting up a new aquarium, there are going to be quite a few things that you need to purchase. First off, you’ll need the tank, filter, and lighting. But, you also need gravel, decorations, water conditioner, a net, gravel washer, and adequate amounts of fish food. An additional accessory to consider is a water heater so that the aquarium is at the appropriate temperature, and this is especially the case if you plan to keep tropical fish or plants. One final piece of advice, keeping a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule is very important to the health of your fish and plants. Owning an aquarium requires constant cleaning and regular maintenance. Depending on the type and effectiveness of your filter, you should clean your aquarium at least monthly, but ideally once a week. Aquariums can be a source of entertainment and fun if properly maintained. Click here to find out more information on getting your new aquarium setup or how to maintain your aquarium.