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Kinds of Racing Pigeon Loft Traps Since you may understand, you will find many different types and designs when it comes to traps for the racing pigeon loft. Some work excellent for racing, some others, the same cannot be said. Here I shall discuss 4 different kinds of traps and allow you to understand, which are best if your racing pigeons. A Stall trap is a fantastic trap. It has a number of segments, so that at a single time just a solo pigeon may enter, and on top of that, there’s a locking way that locks the pigeon in there, until it is opened by the fancier, and permits the pigeon to enter the loft. It works extremely nicely for pigeon racing. For racing pigeons, a Bob trap; the other type of trap, doesn’t operate as well as some of the others, but it is a nice idea. The Bob trap is a quite simple design in itself. The trap includes a door that only swings in one direction, with rods or springs. So the pigeon must push it to get in, after which the door swings shut behind them, locking them inside. While pushing open the door, that consumes time as the bird may hesitate first, this leads to the loss of precious time. It is for that reason I stated it isn’t a suitable trap while pigeon racing.
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Another trap is the open door one which also has a simplistic design. This trap kind features a hinged door that can be put open, closed, or open half-way. Determined by what you happen to be using it for. This kind of trap allows the pigeons to get in and go right into their nest box. It’s amazing, particularly for training, and functions nicely for racing.
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The final trap is the Sputnik trap. If you should be purchasing it, it’s way more complicated as opposed to others, you will be charged more as well. But it does have its benefits. It’s like an all in one bundle. Inasmuch as there are different variants of the sputnik trap, most of them consist of a trap, some form of aviary, landing plank. They work well, but if cash is a problem it might not be the best choice, as it has some features you might not need. The trap in itself works well though. Overall I’ll give it to the Booth trap as the best for pigeon racing, there is absolutely no hesitation with the pigeons into the trap. Plus they’re locked in thus you can remove the counter with ease. It is fairly straight-forward, but incredibly successful. But try outside a couple, and find out for yourself what you prefer on your racing pigeon loft trap.