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How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost?

How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost


You should expect to pay between $400 and $700 to adopt a “pet” quality Pine Tree State Coon kitten, maybe additional (especially for show quality), presumably less for associate older cat.

“But”, you say, “that abundant for a cat? I will get a cat at the SPCA for a $25 donation. I perceive there square measure some purebreds in shelters, they only haven’t got papers…”

That’s true. If that is what you would like, go ahead. You’ll save a life. However if you continue in your look for a purebred Pine Tree State Coon, you will need to start out by abandoning a typical misperception.

I fully love Pine Tree State Maine Coon Cats, I’ve perpetually needed one. My oldsters square {measure} puzzling over obtaining me one for my birthday, however i am undecided they will wish to pay $1000 for a cat. I would like to urge a kitten, though. Also, does one have any recommendation or data on these style of cats? I hear they are terribly friendly.

Best account this question is that the approach you get a Pine Tree State Coon kitten is from a respected stock breeder (check the CFA and TICA internet sites). Pet quality kittens can begin at concerning $600 – and therefore the value goes up from there. Expect, too to be placed on a roster pretty much as good breeders solely turn out one litter per queen each year, therefore the cats’ square measure typically in brief provide. You are doing not get a “real” Pine Tree State Coon from a shelter, nor a pet store, nor Craigslist, or ads in papers – what you get could be a look-alike. There square measure legion scam artists out there willing to require your cash in exchange for what they pass off as a purebred – purportedly ‘no papers’ saves you cash however extremely, it prices the total of $12 for a stock breeder to register the litter! No papers – not a Pine Tree State Coon. And you would like to avoid these cats for an additional reason – Pine Tree State Coons square measure subject to a number of hereditary heart defects like HCM. Sensible breeders screen their cats for this and *never* breed from those lines. Back yard breeders do not care. If your oldsters square measure willing to pay the money for a kitten from a ‘real’ stock breeder (with papers and a health guarantee), and you are willing to attend for the litter to turn, then you will get yourself a beautiful companion. If you cannot do the value or don’t desire to attend, then there square measure legion MHz look likes that may before long be in shelters all over, and perhaps you’ll be able to get one in every of those till you’ll be able to afford (and wait) for the ‘real thing’. Good luck!