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Don’t Buy Cheap Dog Food


Dog food seems very simple, especially if you normally buy one of the processed granular dog foods. They’re usually some shade of brown or maroon and they tend not to smell very good. Your dog usually doesn’t seem to mind, though. In some cases, if the food is too cheap, your dog actually might refuse to eat it. For the most part, though, your dog eats what you put in the bowl. That means you are completely responsible for your dog’s health. Do you know what you’re feeding your puppy? If you’re not reading the ingredients of the dog food, you’re probably missing something that you might not like.

Most cheap dog food contains processed ingredients that are not very nutritious. They’re used as fillers or binders to create the shape of the food. Sometimes they’re designed to make your dog feel satiated but they don’t actually provide much nutrition. These are ingredients such as milled corn and processed flour. While your dog does need some carbohydrates, which those ingredients can provide, protein and vitamins are two of the most important ingredients. When you buy dog treats for your dog who deserves the best, buy something that you can pronounce.

Food You Can Pronounce

Dogs have requirements that are somewhat different than those of human beings. Their diets don’t need to be quite as balanced, but they do need a good amount of protein. That’s why venison is one of the best meats for dog food. Venison, meat from deer, is rich in proteins and amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, many of which are necessary for the dog’s well-being but aren’t produced naturally in a dog’s system. By serving your dog venison, your puppy will get amino acids and proteins needed for good health. Additionally, venison is a very lean meat. Just like humans, dogs need some fat in their diets but they can easily get too much. Lean meats are a great choice.

Dog Beer

While it’s not a good idea to buy a pint for your dog, it is a great idea to serve your dog a beer specially made for dogs. Dog beer is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated; you don’t want a dog full of carbonated liquid. It is, instead, a drink made from meat, healthy vitamins and minerals, and malted barley. The malted barley is the reason it is usually known as dog beer, as malted barley is the primary ingredient in actual beer. The barley provides sugars that your dog will love while still coming from an all-natural source. The drink is designed to supplement a dog’s healthy diet and also provide something that is tasty. You don’t want to only eat bland food every day and neither does your dog.

Your dog will appreciate quality treats that taste great, while you’ll appreciate your dog’s continued good health. A dog in good health is happy and active and its fur will be shinier and fuller as well. It’s likely you will see positive results fairly quickly. You and your dog will both be happier.