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Various Ways Of Controlling Pests A pest is a type of an animal that has a high damaging effect on animal and crops when it feeds on them. A pests causes irritation on the body of the animal when it sucks blood from the body of the animal. Mainly, these animals feed by sucking blood from the animals. When the pests attack the crops, they end up drying. Examples of these pests include fleas, weevils, bedbugs and last but not the least rats. these parasites can lead to demise of plants and animals. The pest is referred to as a competitor to humanity since it competes in the feeding of crops and animals. There is a need to manage the pests’ failure to which they will multiply in the environment and cause more harm. There are reasons as to why parasites can gather in your environment. Many parasites come as a result of direct actions by people. Many human beings leave uncovered refuse and this leads to gathering of flies and rats. Food waste could also encourage different pests in the compound. To control this, it is advisable to introduce bins that have lids so as to hinder the insects from entering. Pest control is as old as agriculture and was introduced to increase food production. Human being in the past used methods such as crop rotation, mixed cropping and planted pest-resistant crops to curb the growth of pests. There are many ways of managing pests. Use other animals to eat the pests like cats. A cat can clear rodents like rats by feeding on them. Animals like mongoose have been introduced in homes to control rats and snakes.
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The second type of controlling pests is biological pest control. A bacterium can be introduced in water sources so as to control mosquito larvae in water. This method leaves the water safe for drinking. the point of controlling pests is to manage them without disturbing the environment. You can reduce pest by eliminating their breeding places. Proper care of the waste and drainage is a good step in maintaining the pests. The lids should cover trash bins. Drain the wasted water properly to avoid the mosquito larvae from accumulating. Maintain the sewers to control insects like flies that could cause diseases.
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Use of poisoned bait is a good idea to control many pests. Poisoned bait method is popular among many people. This can be most effective when people control other sources where the pests can acquire food. So ensure that you have cleared the garbage before employing this method. If this method works, eliminate the carcass since it can result in the death of other animals if they feed on them.