Are You Honest With Your Veterinarian Or Not?

Veterinarians know that many pet owners tell white lies. They know that there are many reasons why these lies appear and the best veterinarians in St Petersburg Florida will always second guess what pet owners say. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Most vets will trust what the owner says. Because of this, as a pet owner you have to be sure that you never say a lie. When the vet asks a question, you need to truthfully answer it.

What Can Happen When You Are Not Truthful?

The veterinarian, just like any doctor out there, needs to look at patient history in order to identify different problems that might exist. For instance, let us say that the cat has an upset stomach. You take her to the vet and the doctor asks you about the last deworming the pet went through. Since you feel bad that it was over 1 year ago, you say that it happened a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the difference between one year and one month is huge in this case. By saying the lie you put the cat through tests that are completely unnecessary. If you would have been honest, the doctor would have just prescribed a good worming pill.

Why Do Pet Owners Lie?

The reasons are actually quite similar to what we see when saying lies as one goes to the doctor for something that affects him/her. Shame is usually the main reason why the lie appears with both going to the doctor and going to the veterinarian. There is this general fear of being judged. What has to be understood is the veterinarian that asks the questions is not going to judge. If you feel judged or are judged, you have to find another vet as the one you go to is surely not one that has the best interest of the pet in mind.

It is also possible that the pet owner lies because what he did or has to do is seen as being bad for the dog. As an example, when a pet is put under anaesthesia, it is really important that the stomach is empty. When this is not the case the consequences can be life-threatening. Vets will rely on the pet owner to not feed the dog for a number of hours before the surgery. If the owner does not take this advice into account, the dog might die.


The question above is one that you have to answer with complete honesty. If the vet asks you a question, always answer it truthfully! In the event that you do not know the answer to the question, do not be ashamed to admit it. The difference between the truth and even a white lie can mean life or death for the pet. Every single respectable veterinarian will double check your answers and will make sure that the truth comes out but there are situations when this is not an option. Because of this, you need to always be completely truthful with your veterinarian.