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How To Effectively Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks. It is evident that ticks and fleas are dangerous threats to our beloved pets. They are even capable of bringing tapeworms that can trigger allergic reactions. Once we take this for granted, your beloved pet will suffer from a lot of discomfort such as scratching, hair loss, and even from serious infections. It is also known that fleas ingest blood, this only means that the lives of our pets are in jeopardy. With this being said, you must take flea treatments very seriously. As the number of cat lovers increase, so does the demand for the most effective way to get rid of cat fleas. Always remember that the treatment you will give your cat will be critical to it’s health. The good thing is that parasitologists have now introduced an effective and innovative way to help you get rid of your pet’s ticks and fleas. The first treatment we will be discussing is is the “Advantage” or imidacloprid, this is a topical treatment available in many pet shops and even in pet hospitals. This is probably the most effective treatment because it can withstand washing and will constantly kill fleas for up to one month. If this is your first time to discover that your cat is infested with fleas and ticks, this treatment should do the trick. The other alternative treatment is known as “Revolution” or selamectin, this type of medication will guarantee you that your pet is protected and safe from flea and tick infestation in the future. A few drops of this medication will get rid and protect your pet from flea eggs, ticks, ear mites, worms, and other parasites.
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You will also need to treat your entire home once you discover that your cat is infested with fleas. It may be difficult to believe but fleas can survive and live inside your home. These nuisances can even hatch their eggs inside your home. You and your family’s well-being is at stake if you decide to ignore the need of your home to be treated.
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Getting rid of household fleas is not as difficult as it may seem. Just make good use of flea foggers and spray them in each room and in tough to reach places. Once you are done with this, just make sure there are no more eggs by vacuuming your home several times. You must also get rid of the vacuum bag as soon as possible to prevent fleas from coming back. Treating your home is also an effective way to keep fleas and ticks away from your pet. Since we already have access to the internet, looking for these treatments should be a breeze. Just find a reputable source and you will be one step closer to finally getting rid of these parasites permanently.